November 13, 2018

School Start Time Committee Meeting #3

November 13, 2018


A brief discussion occurred regarding thoughts from the information night. It was clear that those who attended were not in favor of moving start times; however, there were only about 50 parents/community members that were present. 

 Updated information under the parent tab of adolescent sleep, which is currently on the GASD website, was shared with committee members. 

 To date, the sleep email account sleep@gcasd.orghas received approximately 25 comments. Committee members took time to review those comments and report out any common themes.  

 A civil twilight calendar was shared so that committee members are aware of the projected civil twilight hours when students would be present at bus stops. 

 Committee members then worked in groups to review possible start time options and comment on what they recommended. Members were also given the option to come up with other options they felt the group should consider moving forward. 


The committee members then discussed the upcoming February information night and what that format may look like. 


Time was then spent on reviewing surveys for students and parents to see if any edits should be made. Surveys are to be distributed to parents and students on December 3 and will remain open until December 12.